The Humanities are Essential to Science

Alastair Beattie


1. The language of science is mathematics; not mathematics as a measure of chronological time, but rather as physical objects are altered by time in general. For instance cesium clocks flown over Earth in supersonic aircraft at ground level are found to run slow.


2. Mathematics as plane geometry treats sections of two dimensional space such as the face of the Earth. All physical particles are contained by curved lines since there are no straight lines in physical nature. Thus, all physical lines describe a geodesic curve, which is the curve of a globular surface.


3. Ether, as the matrix or ground from which quantum particles as physical entities leap as physical beings is a venerable principle in art, and in mathematics and geometry serve in the proof of a thesis. In the academy of today all theses must present hypotheses which have to be defended as absolutes; not as dialectical possibilities.


4. In grammatical terms the ether is presented in the subjunctive mode as an anticipated event which will occur when the requisite conditions are present. These conditions are expected to occur at some point in future time. It is a given that future time is not chronological, it is disordered. Thus an effect may appear before the cause.


5. The humanities explore these time warps in works of fine art such as science fiction and music, as well as film and video.



Image: «Allegory of Sculpture», Gustav Klimt

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